Decatur Technician Team

Veterinary Assistant

Since 2011

Aimee Davis

Aimee was born in Virginia and has one younger brother.   Before relocating to the Atlanta area in 1983, Aimee had been living most of her life in Reno, NV.  Aimee has worked with Pitbulls for over 20 years. She started by showing in the UKC for 10 years, and then realized that she needed to focus her time, knowledge, passion and love for the breed in a more positive manner. This is where she entered the rescue world... after many years of doing rescue Aimee decided a real change needed to be made at the source of the problem. With this thought she founded, PITTIES IN THE CITY. Aimee now dedicates her hours and days educating, helping and saving this wonderful breed. Between working in veterinary medicine and outreach rescue... she lives, eats and sleeps Bullies!

Why she does this:  "I love working emergency medicine and specializing in surgery.  I have been doing this for over 16 years and the experience has given me the opportunity to help so many wonderful animals.  I love the satisfaction of knowing I helped an animal recover and return home to their family".

Registered Veterinary Technician

Since 2017

dianna e

Dianna grew up in Warren, MI - where her parents, sister, and two nieces still reside. After first living in North Carolina for two years. she moved to Decatur, GA in March 2010.  She lives with her husband, Adrian, and their three cats, Thomas, Doc, and Gable. and terrier mix named Pixie. Dianna enjoys camping, hiking, going to the zoo, watching movies and exploring Atlanta. She attended community college in Clinton Township, MI and earned an Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology.   

Why she does this: "I've always loved animals, but didn't have pets growing up. I chose a career working with and helping animals because we are their voice and they love us unconditionally".

Veterinary Assistant

Since 2011

Heather edited

Heather was born in New Jersey and while still a young child she moved with her family to  Atlanta.  She now lives in the Grant Park area.  Heather enjoys outdoor activities, such as camping and hiking, and she also loves spending evenings out with friends.  She has an orange tabby cat named Millhouse that she adopted from Atlanta Area Rescue Friends.  Heather graduated from the Uiversity of Georgia in 2007 with a bachelor of science degree in Ecology.

Why she does this:  "I enjoy working with and helping animals -  they give love unconditionally".

Registered Veterinary Technician

Since 2011

jereme.garland 2014 edited

Jereme is a native of Georgia.  He graduated from Gwinnett Tech in 2010 earning his RVT certification.  Jereme has three dogs - Chip, Monkey and Trudy, who are all miniature dachshunds.  In regard to veterinary medicine, Jereme said his interests are in emergency medicine, parasitology and infectious diseases.  When not working, Jereme plays trombone, enjoys fishing and loves cars.

Veterinary Assistant

Since 2013

keira.nichols vvd tech

Keira was born in Atlanta, GA and currently resides in McDonough, GA with her husband, Travis, daughter, Kensley (1/2011), her two dogs, Harley (Boston terrier) and Pebbles (Aussie/lab mix) and her cat Kiwi.  When not spending time with her daughter, who keeps her VERY busy, Keira enjoys listening to music, playing softball, being outdoors, and escaping to the beach as often as possible.  Ever since Keira can remember, she has wanted to save every animal or stray that she sees, driving her parents crazy when she brought home stray animals as a kid.  Keira has over 10 years of veterinary technician experience.

Why she does this: "I have always had a passion for animals and knew since I was five, that I wanted to work in the veterinary field.  It is such a rewarding career - knowing that I get to help save animals lives and provide comfort to their families during difficult times.  Not many people can truly say they love their job - working here at The Village Vets Decatur, I can!"

Veterinary Assistant

Since 2017

kimberley clark photo 2

Kimberley was raised in Jamaica.  Her passion for animals became evident as a child through her proclivity to nurture stray and wounded birds, dogs and cats. Kimberley has volunteered her time at local animal clinics and shelters since she was in high school and then earned a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacology from the University of the West Indies.  She moved to Pembroke Pines, Florida in 2011, where her mother, and her four siblings still reside. In an effort to foster her passion for both animals and medicine, she directed her focus to veterinary medicine and moved to Atlanta, GA in 2015.  She lives with her dog named Oreo, a lab-pointer/hound mix that she rescued from the streets in her neighborhood. Kimberley has a love for the outdoors, and enjoys the adrenaline rush from skydiving, camping, hiking and swimming with dolphins. On calmer days she’s an avid reader, and loves watching Investigative Discovery (ID) & CSI, going to the zoo & nature reserve parks, and doing art work. She has a Veterinary Assistant Diploma from Penn Foster College, is currently a student in their Veterinary Technician Program and is on her way to earning her Associate Degree.

Why she does this: "As Confucius said, 'Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.'  I love nursing animals back to health; when they are happy, I am happy. The Village Vets has a dynamic team of people who are dedicated to doing that, and the feeling of caring for clients’ loved ones is gratifying”. 

Certified Veterinary Assistant

Since 2012


Kristy was born in Beaufort, South Carolina.  During her lifetime, thus far, she has lived in Minnesota and Michigan, but has spent most of her life in Newnan, GA.   She has one sister, Ashley, who is a graduate of Atlanta Art Institute and is now an interior designer.  Kristy has two dogs - Powder, a pit bull terrier and Teddy - an Australian shepherd mix that she rescued after being abandoned on the front step of her previous job at two days old.  She saved his life by taking him home and bottle feeding him around the clock - he is now over two years old.

Kristy earned a veterinary assistant certification at Animal Behavior College and is currently enrolled at Penn Foster to complete her Associate's degree in Veterinary Technology.  After earning her degree she plans to become a registered veterinary technician.  In her spare time Kristy enjoys going on walks in the park with Teddy, playing cards, watching movies, traveling, and "I like anything adventurous that is going to get my adrenalin up".  Kristy began working at TVV Buckhead in 2012 and in March 2016, she transferred to TVV Decatur.

Why she does this:  "I have loved animals all my life and helping them is my passion. I am always happy and ready to come to work, knowing that I get to see and help animals. The Village Vets is a great place for all this to happen".

Veterinary Assistant

Since 2007

lauren henderson

Born in Long Island, NY, Lauren now resides in the Atlanta area with her parents and older sister.  Living with them are Lauren's 3 horses, 2 cats, 1 dog and 2 birds.  Lauren said she enjoys horseback riding, scuba diving, ballroom dancing and watching old movies.  Lauren is currently majoring in Biology at Agnes Scott College in Decatur.

Why she does this:   "I like working at The Village Vets because the team of people I work with makes an already great job even more amazing".

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Since 2012


Originally from West Palm Beach, FL, Mallory cannot remember a time when she didn’t want to work with animals.  She has been volunteering or working at a vet office since she was in high school. Mallory received her Associate of Applied Science degree in Veterinary Technology from Jefferson State Community College in Birmingham, AL and then passed the boards - becoming a licensed veterinary technician.  She enjoys cooking, baking and taking in the local festivals.  Mallory’s best friend is her orange tabby, Rusty.  
Why she does this: "Helping an animal through an illness is the ultimate reward as they are so appreciative for the love and devotion.  When I workwith animals, I am never bored as there is no typical day.  I truly enjoy building relationships with the clients and our patients.” 

Veterinary Assistant

Since 2009

Melanie Yarnot edited 

Melanie was born in Wisconsin and moved to the Atlanta area in 1974.  She now lives in Clarkston with her dog, Cha Cha, a pit bull terrier and cat, Tit Tit.  Melanie said she enjoys cooking, baking, reading and especially spending time with her daughter, Destiny and Cha Cha (pictured). 

Why she does this:   "I love working in emergency pet care and have been doing so for 15+ years.  This experience has afforded me the opportunity to see many interesting cases".

Veterinary Assistant

Since 2015

Naomi Smith

Naomi was born and raised on a Caribbean island and worked for a local animal shelter/hospital for 10 years. With no permanent vet living on the island and minimal technology for diagnostics, she and other volunteers did all they could to support the local community's animals. Naomi worked with dozens of veterinarians who visited the island offering low-cost animal care. She says that one of her most memorable experiences is when she was in charge of post-operable care for the organization, WorldVets, on two different occasions. She worked mostly with dogs and cats but also had experience with livestock. Naomi said her mother homeschooled her for ten years and then she later moved to Georgia to attend Agnes Scott College; majoring in neuroscience - with plans to go to college of veterinary medicine after graduating.

Why she does this: "I am very passionate about my hobby and career path with working with animals. I find myself enjoying every moment in this profession."

Veterinary Assistant

Since 2012


Nicole was born in Detroit, MI and is the second of four children.  She lived in Detroit until she left to attend college (an hour from home) in E.Lansing, MI, at Michigan State University (Go Green!).  She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Animal Science in 2008, and later that same year moved to Atlanta.   Nicole has two cats - "Phoenix" and "Pharoah" - who love to sit in her window sill and people-watch all day - in between rearranging the apartment - while Nicole is at work.  Nicole has always had a passionate interest in fashion as well as a lover of sports, with football and volleyball being her favorites.

Why she does this: "I love working with animals and identifying issues that would not otherwise be so easily clear since our pets cannot talk to us! There is a great satisfaction in being a part of recovering or even keeping healthy a pet that clearly is not able to do these things for themselves and knowing that I was involved in helping an owner continue to live their lives with their beloved companion animal for that much longer! It is a very rewarding experience everyday!"

Registered Veterinary Technician

Since 2011

Nina Stadler

Nina grew up in Jonesboro, GA.  She and her family, along with her younger brother Byron, have always lived in the Atlanta area.   She enjoys riding horses, belly dancing and singing in the band she and her husband, Alex, started together.    Nina has a dog, Abegayle, a rescued Australian shepherd and a horse, Nimro, a Dutch Warmblood gelding.

Why she does this:  “I started out as a “working” student at horseshow barns during my teenage years and I truly enjoyed it.  I love working with animals.  Animals enrich our lives and I like knowing that I have made a positive difference in their lives”.


Veterinary AssistantWesley Timmons edited

Since 2012

Wesley ("WOOT") was born in Atlanta, and has lived in Stone Mountain for most of his life.  In 2004, he left for Tallahassee to attend Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University for Pre-Veterinary Medicine - returning to Tucker in 2007, where he still resides.  While enrolled at the university, Wesley was an active member of the world-renowned FAMU “Marching 100” and two jazz ensembles playing trumpet. He has one older sister (Ebony) and one nephew (Janale).

Wesley is still an avid music lover and enjoys playing trumpet and bass guitar. He also enjoys playing pool, marksmanship, reading, and watching various documentaries. Currently, Wesley has no pets of his own but is keeping an eye out for a Boston Terrier to adopt in the near future.

Why he does this: “I’ve always appreciated and respected how genuine animals are. Attitudinally, they are very open and require little to no guess work on your part. I’ve also been fascinated with anatomy/physiology since I was a child, and decided to pursue animal medicine as a career".

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