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Kennel Assistant

Since 2016


Imani was born in White Plains, NY and moved to the Atlanta area when she was just three years old.  She is the second child out of four.  She lives with her mother and oldest sibling - both of whom she is very close to.  Imani's hobbies include drawing, playing video games, and caring for animals.  Caring for animals has always been her passion, and Imani always knew she wanted to be in a profession that involved helping animals and learning more about them.  Though she has always been an animal lover, Imani said when growing up she had a great fear of dogs.  She said she loved seeing them but was afraid to get too close.  When Imani started volunteering at The Village Vets in August of 2015 her phobia of dogs slowly diminished "thanks to the careful teachings of mentors and constant interations with different types of dogs".

Why she does this:  "I am so grateful to The Village Vets for allowing me to take care of their patients.  Because of their mentoring I feel I have endless possibilities in animal care and I am excited to see where this experience will take me".

Kennel Assistant

Since 2016


Maddie lives in Atlanta with her mom, stepdad, dog Pickles, and cat Brownie. She is an Atlanta native and attends Decatur High School where she plays alto saxophone in the marching band. The summer of her freshman year Maddie began volunteering at The Village Vets Decatur and has loved it ever since. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, photography, and hanging out with friends.

Why she does this: "I love working with animals because of their very unique personalities and their loyalty. Because my father lives on a farm, I have been around animals for most of my life. The thing I loved most about working at The Village Vets is the staff. Even as a volunteer, the staff at The Village Vets Decatur have supported and encouraged me and are a large reason why I love it here so much."

Kennel Assistant

Since 2012


One of many hidden Atlanta natives, Rhonda is both the youngest of three and of a blended family of five. After graduating from Frederick Douglass High school in 2003, she attended Clark Atlanta University, majoring in biology, in order to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. This then led her to a job at Atlanta Humane Society and from there working at Ambery Animal Hospital for three years. It was here that she became involved in an Atlanta rescue group, helping with rescue adoptions. During this time, she rescued one of her four dogs - a German Shepherd/Coon Hound mix from Ginny Milner Rescue Group.

Rhonda lives in Decatur with her parents and 5 “children” - four dogs and one cat.  She graduated from Georgia Perimeter College in Decatur with an Associate’s degree in Creative Writing/Journalism and plans to attend either Georgia State University or The University of Georgia for her Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degrees. In her spare time, Rhonda enjoys singing, performing, relaxing with family and friends, and creating new things, such as jewelry and greeting cards.

Why she does this: "I do this because I have always been the caregiver in my family when stray animals needed love and care. It’s a refreshing alternative to having to deal with just people, and animals just have a way of making you smile when people can’t – which I enjoy. This is the only profession I would do for free because I love it so much – unfortunately, surviving in our economy does not permit this."

Kennel Assistant

Since 2009

tanji ferrell

Tanji was born in Atlanta and currently lives in Decatur with her family which includes two brothers and one sister. Her hobbies include reading, drawing, learning about new technology and listening to upbeat music. She has a cat named "Silver" whom she calls Silvy. Tanji feels her most notable achievements to date are graduating from Georgia Perimeter College with an Associates Degree in 2006. She also received an Associates Diploma in 2007 in veterinary technology.

Why she does this: "I enjoy helping and caring for animals".

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