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Once in a Blue Moon…

Every once in a while a dog like Cupcake comes along.  A “special” dog and a dog with special needs.  Not physical needs but emotional – like trust and fear.  And her most prominent need, and goes without saying – human kindness.

Cupcake is a recycled rescue dog – once severely abused and then abandoned, Cupcake was taken in by Pitties in the City.  She was adopted and she flourished in her new home but 2 years later she was back – and important to note, not due to anything she had done – or the new owner she loved. Tragically her owner became very ill and could no longer take care of her.  When Cupcake first arrived in our kennel, people were drawn in by her snow white coat, the cute brown spot over her eye, and the most adorable set of large, out of proportion ears. However, the name Cupcake was in stark contrast to her personality – or so it seemed.  Actually, the very low growl and the wary look in her eyes were not aggression – but rather fear and distrust. And who can blame her – she did not know what to expect next. Once we knew Cupcake’s story, it became important to those who spent time with her the most – our kennel techs – to try to gain her trust and to let her know she was safe.

One such kennel tech, Michelle, was maybe a little bit more determined to break through Cupcake’s armour – because ever so slowly, the nice blond-haired lady and the scared and wary dog were building a bond.  Every once in a while we would walk by Cupcake’s run and there they would be sitting, side by side – and as the days went by the gap between them grew smaller.  And then quite noticeably, whenever Michelle came to work, Cupcake’s eyes would light up and the fear in them would dissipate. She knew she had a friend and someone she could trust.  Cupcake is in a new home now, with Michelle of course, and Michelle’s partner Kevin – whom Cupcake, without hesitation, instantly took to.  Go figure!  Together they are enjoying life and Cupcake is being given opportunities to be a dog – a very loved dog.  She is enjoying the outdoors, going to parks, swimming in lakes, barking at ducks, being spoiled like a child and, at the end of each day cuddling up with her people. She still comes to work with Michelle everyday and yes, she still looks out of her run with some wariness at the rest of us – but upon closer inspection you see the little timid wag of her tail. Progress baby!  And as far as the wary look and the occasional growl… no one takes it personally.  You just can’t.  This dog has come such a long long way. Once in a blue moon . . . a dog like Cupcake comes along.

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