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Oliver’s Rescue Story

Eight weeks after he was rescued from being viciously attacked by two dogs while chained in a parking lot off Memorial Drive in Atlanta- Oliver’s rescuer and now owner tells us his story.

“Today Oliver is doing great.  He is the happiest dog you’ll ever meet.  A little more background on how he came into our lives…

Cara and I were flagged down by a man standing outside of a fenced-in parking lot off of Memorial Drive. Inside the fence, Oliver sat on the pavement in the pouring rain, chained to his overturned dog house.  He was soaked, covered in mud and blood, shivering.  Two other dogs, who were not chained, had been viciously attacking him and only left him alone when we stood at the fence distracting them.  No one from the business attached to the lot was present, and we were unable to get anyone to answer at the phone number on their sign.  After calling Animal Services and being informed that they did not have anyone available to assist, we decided we had to get him help ASAP.  We did our best to rinse him off, wrapped him in a towel, put him in the car, and took him to The Village Vets.  We were finally able to reach Oliver’s former owner, who quickly turned over responsibility to us once he realized the extent of the wounds and the time and expense involved in his recovery.

Fortunately, Oliver’s wounds were solved via stitches and drains, though a couple of the bites had come dangerously close to his jugular.  He stayed the night at the vet and we took him home the next day.  Already having two dogs at home, we set up a private recovery room for Oliver.  After about a week, he was healed enough to meet his new siblings.  Happily, they got along right from the start.   A month and a half later, Oliver is part of the family.  He may have spent the first part of his life on a chain in a parking lot, but he quickly mastered the art of being a lap dog.  Whether we’re on the couch, eating dinner, taking a shower, or going to bed, Oliver’s favorite place to be is as close as possible to his people.  Or strangers.  He’s never met a person he didn’t immediately love.”

After being treated at TVV ER and going home the next day with Jason and Cara pictured – Oliver is resting in his “recovery room” at their home.  Next photos are after a period of recovery when he joins his forever family..


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