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A Technician’s Experience with Project Samana

When our team travels to the Dominican Republic to go work in the Samana peninsula, which is the poorest region in the world, they do so on their own time, their own effort, and their own money -and it is quite expensive.  The cost unfortunately has prevented several of our technicians from being able to go – something they have been  passionate about wanting to be a part of .  Our friend and client, Elizabeth Whitcomb, to date has generously made this trip possible for two of our veterinary tecnnicians, Deborah Adams – who went with a team this past May for a week, and Jon Manson – who is leaving tomorrow to go with the rest of our team.  Thank you Elizabeth for making this possible for them.  It is not only a “life-changing” experience for them but their consistent hardwork and dedication is a tremendous help for the rest of the team.  Deborah shared a little about her experience –

  “I was honored to be able to go to Samana for the first time earlier this year and attend with one of the founders of this project, Arthur Freedman.  For my part, I was a member of a well oiled machine. We each had an area of expertise. I assisted with prepping pre-meds and placing IV catheters. We performed an average of 40-50 small animal procedures daily spays, neuters, the occasional amputation, and sadly, humane euthanasia’s were performed. My first, and lasting, impression was that the people who we were there to hhelp, all had smiles on their faces, no matter their station or circumstance in life.”  ~ Deborah Adams, Technician Manager

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